Nanga Parbat Fairy Meadows

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Nanga Parbat the Naked Mountain, which lies in the West End of Himalayan range up above the Indus George, at an alleviation of 8126m, rising by 7mm every year faster then the other part of the Himalayan chain, here’re the Sharpest elevation deference’s found any, where on earth 6.5 vertical Kilometers from the summit into the adjacent Indus George, and the mountains Sheer unbroken, 4000 m South wall, The trek starts from Tato village to Fairy Meadows, Beyal camp and base camp back to Tato in an altitude of 3010 to 3050m.

Fairy Meadows named by German climbers “fairy tale meadows”) and locally known as joo, is a grassland near one of the base campsites of the Nanga Parbat, located in Diamer District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. At an altitude of about 3,300 meters above the sea level, it serves as the launching point for trekkers summiting on the Rakhiot face of the Nanga Parbat. In 1995, the Government of Pakistan declared Fairy Meadows a National Park.Ov




Day-01 Arrive Islamabad airport and transfer to hotel,  

Day-02 Drive to Chilas on Karakorum highway 461km

Day-03 Drive to Raikot Bridge- Tato village and trek to Fairy Meadows 

Day-04 Trek to Nanga Parbat base camp 4200m, back to Beyal camp 

Day-05 Excursion to Jaliper Peak base camp, back to Fairy Meadows 

Day-06 Trek down to Tato village, drive to KKH- Astore- Tarishing

Day-07 Tarishing- Herrligkoffer BC 10KM, (3550m) in 5-6 hrs

Day-08 Herrligkoffer BC- Latobah 3KM, (3530m) 3-4 hrs

Day-09 Latobah- Mazeno BC (4050 m) in 4-5 hrs

Day-10 Trek back Herrligkoffer base camp, overnight in tents 

Day-11 Trek back to Tarishing, overnight in tents 

Day-12 Drive back to Chilas, overnight at hotel

Day-13 Drive to Islamabad 11-hrs, overnight at hotel

Day-14 Transfer to Islamabad Airport for International flight